President's Notes

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have a responsibility to protect ourselves and others we come into contact with from the virus.  The Rec Centers have followed CDC guidelines and mandates from the state and county concerning contact with others.  Some of us aren’t listening.  And some of us choose not to follow the guidelines that we operate under.  

The Rec Centers have issued the following guideline concerning the wearing of masks and the differences between a face shield and a mask.  Please follow the guideline when you’re golfing.




The USGA issued new guidance on June 24th concerning modifications to the course and to play because of the Coronavirus.  Golf Operations has made choices under these guidelines on how to set up the flagstick and the cup, and how we will treat bunkers.  The Club has also interpreted how we will treat some shots that hit the pin but do not come to rest in the cup.  See the document below for details.

USGA COVID-19 Guidance